Vinyl Liner In-Ground Swimming Pool Steps

When starting the process of having a vinyl liner in-ground swimming pool built, you will have to talk to the builder and answer a series of questions about your wants or needs in regards to the pool itself.  These questions range from what size of a pool you want to what style of steps do you want.  Depending on the location of the pool, the builder will usually offer some suggestions.  Considering they typically have a lot of experience in building pools, you should probably consider their opinions.  After all, they are the professionals, and they have a better idea of what will work best for your pool.  However, once the basic size and shape of the pool are determined you will have to decide on what style of steps you want in your pool.  There are a few different options available.  I want to focus on a couple types / styles of steps that are available and give some information regarding each of them. (Some styles may not be available depending on your location and which manufacturer your builder uses.)

90 Deg. Corner Step
To start, let’s take a look at the basic fiberglass acrylic steps.  This type of step is pretty versatile and there are quite a few options available.  There are different types based on the location in the pool.  There is a 90 degree corner step, as well as steps that are manufactured to be placed in the center of the shallow end wall.  There are also steps that are designed to be installed on a radius, for free form / lagoon style pools.  There are also a variety of sizes available in each style.  You can get wide steps or more narrow steps depending on your preference.  The styles may also be available in either cantilever, or bull nose.
Radius Bull Nose
These two types differ in that the cantilever requires that a concrete form be installed to give it a finished look, and with the bull nose style the concrete is just poured up to the step without a form yet still has a nice finished look.
Radius Cantilever
Buddy Seat
In addition to steps, with fiberglass there are “buddy seats” available.  These are basically seats that are molded out of fiberglass and installed in the wall of the pool much like a fiberglass step.  So if a “buddy seat” is available, and is something you want in your pool, then it would probably be a good idea to go with a fiberglass step in order to maintain a uniform look to your pool.  Also, depending on the manufacturer, the fiberglass steps come with a limited warranty.  This will allow you peace of mind knowing that they are manufactured such a high degree that the manufacturer is confident in them enough to offer a warranty.  In addition to that, there are usually a few different colors you can choose from, the most common being white.
Liner Over Step – Full Shallow End
Liner Over Step With Bench
Another type of step is called liner over step.  This type of step allows for the pool to have a completely uniform look.  With this type of step the liner will actually be installed over top of them.  In my opinion, this style is very aesthetically pleasing.  This style also can be made in almost any configuration, and is capable of being placed in any location of the pool wall.  They can be made to be corner steps, or be made to span the entire width of the shallow end.  The corner steps can also be made to have “benches” in them, giving swimmers a place to just sit and relax without being in the way of others that might be entering or exiting the pool.  This type of step offers pool owners a high end look to their pool without the high end cost.
These are a couple examples of possible vinyl liner in-ground swimming pool steps that are available.  So, if you are thinking about having a vinyl liner in-ground pool installed, talk to your builder and see what step choices are available.  After seeing what these steps look like, and having read some basic information regarding them,  now you just have to talk to your builder to see what is available.