Zodiac Pool Products – Technology at work

I frequently talk about the technology associated with swimming pools today, and how it is far different from what was available in the past.  Today I plan on doing the same thing only this time I will focus on Zodiac products including the different things they offer to help make your pool “high tech.”  Years ago everything was basically manually operated, and very little was offered in terms of automation.  Today Zodiac offer the best of the best in terms of automation.  They have even gone to the extent of creating a device that will allow the homeowner to make changes to their pool without being anywhere near it.

Zodiac’s Aqualink RS systems and Z4 system remove the need to go out and manually change elements of the pool.  Now you can do so as easily as turning on the air conditioning in your house.  These control systems can reduce energy usage, operation costs, and chemical needs associated with your pool.  They also come with an energy smart programming capability which allows you to set the filtration run times, and chlorinator outputs to be automatically adjusted to suit your seasonal needs.  They basically provide complete control of temperature, water features, pool light settings, pump speed, filtration needs, and  chemical needs.  They can also be programmed to do certain things at certain times of day or year.  The AquaLink RS system is also fully integratable to home automation systems,  Another major part of this automation is that it can also be controlled through their iAquaLink from anywhere.  The iAquaLink is a device that allows you to control these elements of your pool from anywhere through your smart phone, or any electronic device with internet access.  This means if you leave on a trip and suddenly wonder if you remembered to turn off the pool pump, you can do so without having to call someone to go over to the house and manually shut off the pump.  You can also check the water temperature and make changes needed without having to physically be there to do so.
The Z4 is designed to control a maximum of 4 of the main functions of the pool such as the pump, filter, booster pumps, or lighting.  Basically you have 4 circuits and can choose for things to run using the Z4.  It can also control 3 valve actuators.  A valve actuator is a device that can open and close valves so you don’t have to manually do it.  So with the push of a button you can activate deck jets, waterfalls, or water slides without leaving the comfort of your chair.

The Z4 is aslo compatible with the iAquaLink so it’s automation can be controlled through your device.  This is just the beginning of what Zodiac has done with technology.

So you have all this automation to be able to fine tune certain variables of your pool but what about the fact that you sometimes might get leaves and other debris in the pool.  Well Zodiac had got you covered there as well.  They offer the best when it comes to suction side cleaners and robotic cleaners that are unrivaled by any other company.  Zodiac’s MX8 is a suction side cleaner, meaning that uses the skimmer suction to clean.  It is also a low flow cleaner so it will effectively clean your pool even if you have the pump speed set very low.  It cleans better and faster than any other cleaner and has greater vacuum power, a wider cleaning path, and the largest debris inlet available.

Zodiac’s line of Polaris robotic pool cleaners are by far superior to anything else I have seen on the market.  These cleaners will make cleaning your pool a fun activity rather than a dreadful chore.  They offer vortex vacuum technology, which provides 25% more vacuum power and 4 x the debris capacity.  It also features an easy clean filter canister allowing you to simply shake out the debris or spray it out with a hose.  You will not have to reach in with your hand to clean out debris ever again.  Another nice feature is that is has what they call an Activemotion Sensor.  This gives the cleaner the ability to automatically control its position at all times.  If it flips over then the sensor shuts it down and it will flip back over and start running again.  What I find most impressive about this line is that they offer an easy lift system on the 9550 sport, the 9450 sport, and the 9350 sport.  What this does is remove the need to pull the cleaner back to you by grabbing the line and physically pulling it in.
Instead there is a button on the caddy that you will press and hold which causes the cleaner to spiral to the surface.  When the cleaner is pointing at you simply let go of the button and the cleaner will move to the edge of the pool on the surface and stay there until you pull it out.  The other Awesome feature that is only available on the 9550 sport is a remote control capability.  Just a remote control would be awesome alone but this remote system functions like that of a Nintendo Wii.  All you have to do is tip the controller in the direction in which you want the cleaner to go.  So now cleaning the pool is something that your kids will fight over.

These are just a few products that Zodiac has to offer.  To see a larger list and get more information visit Zodiac’s website at www.zodiacpoolsystems.com.