The Thrill of Owning an In Ground Swimming Pool

There is a feeling of pride that people get which comes with owning an in ground swimming pool.  I think that this feeling of pride comes from the fact that they have something beautiful in their backyard and it is also something that brings them much joy each and every year.  I am sure that for some it is the fact that they have something that their neighbors don’t have.  For others it may be due to the smiles that the pool brings upon the faces of their children.  Some may see it as a status symbol, while others may not even take into consideration that their neighbors envy them.  Regardless of how this feeling of pride comes about, the fact remains that it is there.  In addition to that feeling of pride, a swimming pool offers much more than most people even realize.

In the past I have gone into detail about the different benefits that an in ground swimming pool offers.  Today I just want to recap on some of these things.  Lets start with the fact that having your very own swimming pool can possibly allow you to save money in the long run.  Many people take summer vacations every year and take their families to different places.  It has been a while since I have gone anywhere on vacation but way back when I did, I recall it costing a pretty penny.  I am not the type that takes a vacation every year but just based off the last time that I did I can assume that doing it over and over each year would eventually add up over time.  This cost would quickly out weigh the cost of installing your own pool.  In addition to that if you are the type of person that typically takes their family to the local public pool throughout the summer you are probably aware that there is some cost associated with that as well.  It may be a membership fee, the cost of gassing up the car twice a week to get there, or the cost of snacks, and drinks while you are there.  With an in ground pool of your own these costs would drop off significantly.  What I have just described is what is known as a staycation.  That is where a family invests money in their own backyard anticipating that they will stay home during the summer and use their own backyard as their vacation spot.  The quality of that staycation is dependent on how much time and money you put into the backyard.  Some people may be fine with doing the minimum, while others go all out and get the best of the best.  Typically an in ground pool plays a huge role in this staycation, but those going all out usually take it a couple steps further.  Once they get a pool they compliment it with a magnificent landscape.  Or they incorporate and out door kitchen or fire place into the design to give their backyard a complete makeover.  It truly is an investment.  People do all of these changes anticipating that the new backyard space will act as a vacation spot for their family for years to come.  If they do it right then the amount of money they save by not going to some exotic location each year will eventually out weigh the amount of money that they spent on the backyard.  This is just one thing that having your own swimming pool can offer.
There are also some physical benefits to owning a swimming pool as well.  I have written before about how swimming can benefit the body.  Swimming is a work out,  additionally it is a low impact workout.  That being said, swimming is the perfect work out for older people, or pregnant women.  I know that when my wife was pregnant she was alway uncomfortable and one way that she could get some relief was to get into the pool.  Floating around in the pool took a lot of the stress out of her lower back and joints.

I maintain that it is important for children to learn how to swim.  Originally I thought that it was a good idea just for safety reasons, but as I learned more and more about it I began to realize that for younger children especially, learning to swim aids in the development of their thinking ability as well.  Studies show that the act of teaching young children to swim helps develop their minds.  It comes down to listening and following direction.  Still, teaching your children how to swim for safety reasons is valid enough for me.

Another thing that you should consider is the fact that a swimming pool offers a fantastic place to just relax.  With the right type of lighting a swimming pool can become a place for romantic dinners on the deck.  Keep in mind that the decision to get a pool should not just come from the fact that your kids want one.  Don’t get me wrong that is a good reason to consider getting a pool, but you should also get enjoyment out of it as well.  Once the kids go to bed the pool can become a place for you and your significant other to sit, relax, and let all the stresses of the day go away.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, a swimming pool is a wonderful addition to the backyard cook out.  It goes without saying that you would need a pool to successfully have a pool party as well.  If you are the type of person that enjoys entertaining then an in ground pool would go a long way.

These are just some reasons why owning an in ground swimming pool offers a thrill for people young and old alike.  For more information on in ground swimming pools in general please check out my other blog posts.