Why Only Alpha?

I want to reiterate the fact that Only Alpha is leading the field of vinyl liner in ground swimming pool manufacturing.  This means that those who build with Only Alpha’s materials are building with the absolute best materials on the market.  Regardless of if they are building with steel panels or non-corrosive panels, Only Alpha has made huge leaps forward in both lines of in ground vinyl liner pools.  To read more about what makes Only Alpha’s pool panels better than the rest please check out the rest of my blog posts.  There you will find information on not only Only Alpha’s building material, but you will also find general swimming pool information as well.

Only Alpha has also changed the way business is done by utilizing their customer’s feedback to make changes for the better.  You see, Only Alpha is completely customer oriented.  When a customer calls in, they get one on one help with someone of the Only Alpha team.  Being that Only Alpha is a smaller company, when a customer does call in, they can get to the appropriate team member in minutes rather than having to wait for a call back, or leaving a message.  Their design team is very knowledgeable and has the ability to look at the design as they are speaking with the customer right then and there.  This alleviates the confusion of talking over the phone and not being able to see exactly what the customer is talking about.  In addition to that all the pools that are designed by Only Alpha’s design team are designed on a one to one scale.  That means that there is no scaling down.  They are able to see what the builder sees in the field and make any adjustments needed right then and there to get the builder back to building.  If something is not going to work then they are able to see it right away before the builder goes through the trouble of doing it in the field.  This saves the builder time and money.

Like other manufacturers, Only Alpha’s building materials come with warranties demonstrating their confidence in what they sell.  However unlike bigger manufacturers Only Alpha does not have a traditional claims department.  Instead if there is ever a problem then their customers can simply call in and speak to someone in management and they will take the appropriate steps to resolve the issue.  There is no red tape, or bureaucratic non-sense to go through.  It’s a simple phone call and brief discussion of the problem to get things resolved.

They also have a Technical Sales Department to help answer questions related to the building material itself and the application of it in the field.  There is no “right and wrong” way to build a pool, that is up to the builder to decide.  Only Alpha does not try to tell their customers how to build pools.  However their Technical Sales associate is very experienced in building pools, specifically with Only Alpha building materials.  So if a customer asks what is the best way to do something, they will get an educated recommendation.  In addition to that, when Only Alpha gets a new customer, there will be a representative from Only Alpha on their first job site to help out and answer any questions that they may have.  This does a couple of things.  It ensures that the customer is getting that one on one experience allowing them to feel more comfortable with the materials, and it also gives Only Alpha the opportunity to see how different builders build.  This means that they can see first hand what techniques work well.  That knowledge can then be passed on and save builders time and money.

Only Alpha is not like most vinyl liner in ground pool manufacturers in that they sell on a very limited basis.  Each of their customers is hand picked by the management team, whereas bigger manufacturers will sell to anybody leaving the builders to compete head to head in a price war.  When two builders in the same area, and have the same products to sell it becomes more of a battle of cost rather than who has the better product.  In addition to that Only Alpha does not sell to the guy in a pick up truck with a spray painted logo on the side that says something like JimBoB’s Fancy Pools.  Instead Only Alpha seeks out builders with a more reputable background, and gives them an exclusive opportunity to have something that other builders in their area do not have.  That is better building materials, and a better relationship with the manufacturer.   Both of these things allow the builder to better serve their customers.

You may be wondering why this is important.  You may be saying to yourself that the building materials come second to a finished pool.  To you, maybe you think that a homeowner won’t care what materials were used as long as the finished product looks good.  Let me assure you that this is no longer the case.  With the way that technology has changed the world in the last ten years, more and more people are doing their own research online.  Think about it, what was the last big item that you purchased?  Maybe a refrigerator, maybe a new car.  Whatever it was I bet you looked online for the best one for your money.  I do the same thing every time my wife wants something new.  I go on line and find out what the best one is that we can afford.  I look at the products details.  I find out what features it has.  This is something that more and more people are doing everyday.  People can simply search the name Only Alpha online and come up with a barrage of information.  People can search pool building material and find a barrage of information.  What they will find is that Only Alpha manufactures the best vinyl liner in ground pool building material on the market and that is what they will want.

For more information regarding Only Alpha Pool Products and what makes them different please check out my other blog posts.  You will find links to their different websites, links to their YouTube videos and more.