Concerns About Swimming Pool Safety –

I came across an article in Pool and Spa News that basically stated that there is too much emphasis on safety in the swimming pool.  You can check out the article by clicking on this link

I certainly see her point with this article.  There is a lot of information out there on how to stay safe in the pool.  There are also a lot of stories about tragic things happening in pools.  You will also see stories about the importance of teaching your children how to swim.  There are government web pages you can visit to get the latest information of swimming pool safety as well.  The point is that there is this enormous spotlight on swimming pool safety.  The argument is that with all of this attention on safety, it may result in a fear of pools.  It seems that with all of this attention on swimming pool safety it may make people feel as though swimming pools are dangerous.  However the truth is that with the proper precautions swimming pools can be a place of entertainment and relaxation.  I think that with all of this attention on swimming pool safety people are starting to overlook the fact that it it is just meant to be informative.  It is not a ploy to scare anyone.  It is just to make people aware.

I understand that there is a concern that people won’t want swimming pools if they think that they are dangerous.  I understand the need to inform people of the dangers associated with swimming pools.  However I think that it needs to be done in a way that won’t scare potential customers away.  On the other hand, perhaps a swimming pool is the type of thing that is enticing enough that the safety concerns are at the back of most peoples minds.  Perhaps this woman who wrote the article just happened to be talking with one of a few people that has an irrational fear of their pool.  Think about it in this light.  Alcohol is a dangerous drug.  There are known safety issues associated with drinking too much alcohol.  However people still buy it and drink it.  There are huge safety issues related to riding a motorcycle.  We hear about crashes every year.  We see bumper stickers raising awareness for motorcycle safety and yet more and more people are riding.

With all that in mind I think that there is room for both pool sales and safety concerns in the swimming pool industry.  I feel as though, if the safety concerns weren’t so widely publicized they would still exist.  I also think that people are buying pools regardless of the safety concerns.  In my humble opinion, I think that swimming pool safety awareness is an important part of owning a swimming pool.  I personally do not think that safety awareness will have an adverse effect on swimming pools sales.  The more knowledge that someone has about how to be safe in a pool, the less concerned they will be about it.  So this emphasis on swimming pool safety might actually help pool sales.