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The "Power of Innovation" International Network of Independent Pool Professionals

Thank you for your interest in the "Power of Innovation" International Dealer Network comprised of Independent Swimming Pool Professionals from around the world. We cordially invite you to schedule a webinar to review our program which includes information on our Power Points Program, rebate and vacation opportunities, extended liner warranty, lead generation and value-added marketing capabilities and extended product offering. Our "Power of Innovation" International Dealer Network is separating themselves from their competition by utilizing our patented technologies, exclusive & patented products, and proven lead generation campaigns; let us help you put more water into backyards.

Why do business with Only Alpha?

Don't settle for marginalized building materials. Patented, exclusive products manufactured with state-of-the-art technologies give you, the Pool Professional, the edge when offering homeowners the best end product available on the market.
Unlike many competitors, our seasoned staff is immersed in the pool industry. Consistent training on new and improved technologies and adapting to the ever-changing softwares is a must to provide relevant, up-to-date, and most importantly, accurate information.
By utilizing the latest advancements in manufacturing techniques and processes, we are able to produce quality product with short lead times. From order placement to final shipment, we work with our customers to ensure everything is complete for the backyard the first time.
Targeted, geo-based advertisement drives qualified leads to Pool Professionals at zero cost. Quit spending money and time on out-dated marketing that brings in marginal pool leads. We help bring in customers who are ready to take the plunge so you can spend more time selling.
Not all social media is created equal. We work with a professional digital marketing agency to ensure your business is using the correct mediums and to manage fresh content. Let the professionals help you reach a targeted audience because running a business is hard enough.
With the demanding and ever-changing online environment, allow us to develop and manage a modern, responsive website that is sure to attract customers. At no cost to our eligible customers, this is a huge benefit of doing business with Only Alpha.

Liverpool Pool & Spa
Liverpool Pool & Spa
“After building with Only Alpha’s Fiber-Reinforced Composite pool panels, I would never build with polymer panels again. There is a huge difference in quality and I only want to offer my customers the very best end product.”


If that’s not enough…

Use Power Points to earn all inclusive vacations around the world. With two different trips every year, there's always an opportunity to use those points you'll earn on every single order.
If vacations aren't your thing, then convert your Power Points into credit. Points earned one year can be used the following season for manufactured goods from Only Alpha Pool Products.
Fill out the form, schedule a webinar, or simply give us a call 260.637.0141

We'd love to discuss your future.

Shoreline Distribution
Shoreline Distribution
“Thanks Alpha for the GREAT partnership! We’ve had NO complaints or concerns over the years of our alliance! The fantastic customer service is also a huge benefit!”